At the end of the series on what makes a GOOD manufacturing organisation we come to:

Manufacturing Effectiveness 15 of 15 – ‘Good Manufacturing & the Next Step Beyond

For many people this series of posts will ‘blindingly obvious’ and they may wonder why I’m even bothering to write about it; but I have frequently encountered every one of the ‘ineffective’ and at times ‘disastrous’ situations described to some degree or other. This series was an attempt to set out the basics of good, solid manufacturing in a way that I’ve never seen done either during my own long and varied career in manufacturing or during any of my degrees; and without the ‘basics’ clearly understood a manufacturing organisation is bound to fail or at least to operate in a less than optimised fashion.

Over the last thirty years my convictions have grown and hardened that a good manufacturing organisation gets the basics right at all levels and in all departments; and that each function’s requirements and objectives are aligned with a common overall vision. It is rarely achieved. If, however, you HAVE been thorough enough to have reached the summit of ‘good’ why would you not go the extra mile and strive for excellence? THAT is another story entirely!!!

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