How you go about promoting change? Not the direction; not the structure; and not the drivers. Just the ‘how’. Number 1 is and whatever you do, you need to do it with energy and dynamism.

  • In business, as in politics & life, people spend an awful long time prevaricating and looking for excuses to avoid taking action. If you look closely you can analyse much of what people do as a displacement activity. Back Amchem in 2001/2 we had a delightful watchword: JFDI – just chuffing do it (just swap f for c). Think quickly and then just do it. It brings massive benefits.
  • Back in Air Force days (fall of the Berlin Wall +/- 3 years) we used to say “any decision is better than none at all’. When we as humans make a decision we invariably react and reflect for a second on whether it’s right wrong’. Prevaricating just leads to wavering and doubt.
  • Prompt, if not immediate, action and doing things quickly and without delay:
    • Breeds energy and dynamism into the organisation.
    • Liberates your team to get on with THEIR task.           
    • Sends a clear message to the team. The best of your staff will be energised themselves whilst the worst have a choice to ‘get on board’ or ‘jump off the train’.
    • You get more done yourself.
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